Little Glej


13. May 2012 at 18:00h

Dubrava Children Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia


24. May 2012 at 17:00h

Overflight Festival

Director: Peter Kus
Text and dramaturgy: Ajda Rooss
Visuals: Kaja Avberšek
Photography: Sunčan Stone
Produced by: Gledališče Glej (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Dječje kazalište Dubrava (Zagreb, Croatia), Kulturni center Dubrava (Zagreb, Croatia)
Coproduced by: Zavod Federacija (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 
Performers: Andrea Giordani (alt. Marija Kolb), Bruno Kontrec, Yaniv Shentser, Ivan Štrok

The author of the performance Peter Kus is a musician who lately devoted himself to the exploration of puppet performances focusing on the experimental side of puppetry especially its convergence with music.

A major part of his explorations are original music instruments and their use in the puppetry expression.
The Forest of song is the continuation of these explorations. The main idea of the performance is to create a resonating forest theatre, built form materials deriving from nature. In this theater forest plants, trees, fruits and other things from forest come to life in forms of musical instruments or scenography. The main thread of the performance is the tale of a hedgehog and his best friend the bear based on children tales from the Russian author Sergej Kozlov (1940 – 2010). The hedgehog and the bear live in the forest and explore it together; they meet other animals, observe the nature and the changes the seasons bring to their forest. Through their relationship the tales reveal topics such as friendship, trust, loneliness, tolerance, sensitivity, bewilderment for the world that surrounds them and the joy of life. Together with the hedgehog and the bear the children set for an adventure in lessons of life, its troubles, secrets and joys.



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