Tickets can be purchased one hour before the show at Glej Theatre, Gregorčičeva 3. They can also be purchased before on

Prices: 10€, 7€ (pupils, students, pensioners) *, **

Special discounts are available for holders of the SPAR card, members of the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia, students of the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, and the unemployed. ***

We offer favourable discounts for groups or purchases of entire performances. For more please contact:

Glej is a part of the Transferzala season ticket.

*The usual price for Glej productions. Glej reserves the right to change the price of tickets for individual events.

** The ticket prices for events by other producers are not linked to Glej’s pricing policy. 

*** This discount is applicable only if you can produce a proof of your status. Discounts are not applicable for events by other producers or special events under Glej’s production.

Cultural Euro

In 2017 Glej Theatre implemented the Cultural Euro initiative, an obligatory contribution of 2€ for anybody who receives a free ticket. The funds gathered through this initiative will be used to support one of Glej’s Miniatures.

We have decided to support the Cultural Euro initiative, which is also supported by Mini Teater and Kino Šiška (amongst others), out of respect for cultural and intellectual work.


Reservations can only be made at the following email:
All received reservations are processed between 9 am and 5 pm on workdays.
You will receive a notification email as regards your successful reservation.

We do not accept any reservations via the telephone.

Tickets cannot be reserved on the day of the performance.


Media and press accreditations are available only with prior arrangement and only for viewings with the intent of publications. Write to at least one day prior to the event..