It is Impossible to Wait in Vain

devised project / Leja Jurišić and Miklavž Komelj

Seniors 1.2

residents / Tin Grabnar, Hana Vodeb

Seniors 1.1

residents / Tin Grabnar, Hana Vodeb

Community works

real-time performance

Framing the Frame research

Iprov theatre and working-on-community by sz3 and Katie Duck

Workshop of composing text live on stage with Katie Duck

A three day workshop

a Potential Performance

devised theatre / Urška Brodar, Eva Nina Lampič

The Conference of the Birds

Based on Jean-Claude Carrière / Nina Rajić Kranjac

Work in Progress

work in progress / Glej's 2017 Resident: sz3


a solo of Katie Duck with Jožica Avbelj

an open Door into a semi-open community

presentation of live half-product / slavoj zizek trio

Non - acting acting for the performer

A workshop with Davis Freeman