#soteskaklepet: On romantics - On consumerism

talk / Nina Perger and Patricija Šošter, moderator: Katja Stojnić

#soteskaklepet: On others - On extractivism

talk / Gaja Mežnarič Osole and Maja Simoneti, moderator: Bor Pungerčič

#soteskaklepet: On lazyness - On capitalism

pogovor / Tia Čiček, Ana Čigon, Aleš Mendiževec and Tadej Troha, moderator: Kristina Božić

Politics in the Room

workshop / Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

How to think about the status of a self-employed cultural worker?

panel discussion following the performance Nina Kuclar Stiković: little women

Giving & Receiving Feedback

workshop / Bush Hartshorn

Soteska Talk: Rastko Močnik and Igor Feketija


Soteska talk: Linn Julian Koletnik in Ksenija Horvat


Soteska talk: Maša Hawlina and Neja Tomšič


About Democracy - About Freedom

discussion / part of Festival of Resiliance #soteskaopen

Dino Pešut

drama workshop

Political is Personal: Towards a New Political Theatre

online talk with Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

Environments and Strategies of internationalisation

Hands on workshop for artists and producers with Iva Horvat (ArtRepublic)

It's OK to be Glej!

exhibition / Mina Fina and Ivian Kan Mujezinović (Grupa Ee)

Glej, 50 Years: Exhibition

exhibition celebrating Glej's 50 years

Glej, 50 years: Endangered Professions in Theatre

series of discussions for Glej's 50 years anniversary

Workshop of composing text live on stage with Katie Duck

A three day workshop

Visible and Audible Energy in Performance: Crossed Circuits

workshop / Seth Baumrin

The Sustainability of Autonomous Theatre Groups in the 21st Century

lecture / Seth Baumrin

Svetlana & Gilgameš

a lecture on Gilgamesh / Free entry.

Is culture losing space in the media?

a debate

Performance and stage composition

a workshop / Catarina Neves Ricci

The state theatre as a variety of perspectives

Presentation / P.U.L.S., Toneelhuis, Antwerp


Let's turn the Page

Presentation of Glej, paper nb. 2/2018 and discussion with contributors / free entrance

Forum: Ten years of Southern Scums

talk with authors of Southern Scums! at ten year anniversary of first showing

Let's turn the page: Gilgrieving

Presentation of Glej, paper nb. 1/2018 and discussion with contributors / free entrance

Let's turn the page: Psycho

debate with performers and writers

What is going on with arts education in Europe?

Round table with international guests

Non - acting acting for the performer

A workshop with Davis Freeman

On the margins of society and stage

series of discussions on the future of contemporary theatre

Challenges of international networking in theatre

series of discussions on the future of contemporary theatre

Glej, 50 years: Challenges of Socially Engaged Theatre


IETM multi-location 2020


Let's Turn a New Page: Not Dead Enough / Western

Presentation of Glej, list nb. 1/2020 and a discussion with authors

Community Works! Contemporary Theatre Models

international symposium

Half a Century of Non-Institutional Practices: A Look Into the Future



platform for contemporary performative arts


platform for contemporary performing arts


talk with artists

Zala Dobovšek: How to watch contemporary devised theatre?


dr. Nikolai Jeffs: Thesis on Nationalism


Glej, 50 years

presentation of a book

Workshops of Light and Sound Design

educational course

Workshop: Career of an Artist – Home and Away

workshop / TRIGGER 2021

Ethics in post-COVID era

Beletrina debate

Glej, we will carry on

support campaign


platform for contemporary performing arts

Conference on Decentralisation of Arts. Focus: Audience Building

conference within TRIGGER 2022 platform

Power and Change

workshop within TRIGGER 2022 platform

Decolonising the Aesthetics

panel discussion v okviru TRIGGER 2022

IETM Multi-location 2020

international meeting

Peek into Soteska Cultural Quarter

guided tour through the cultural quarter

Rainbow over the Alps

performance discourse on gender and gender inequality

Soteska Open Fair

fair / local artists


platform for contemporary performing arts

Sound and Light Design Workshop

three-part practical workshop


platform for contemporary performing arts

Among Others

Workshop with Gaëtan Rusquet

Rest as Resistance

workshop for art and culture professional

The Duration of Endurance

lecture / Jennie Klein