Improv theatre workshop with Katie Duck

A three-day free workshop as part of the research of this year's Residents, sz3. / The workshop is full.

Visible and Audible Energy in Performance: Crossed Circuits

workshop / Seth Baumrin

The Sustainability of Autonomous Theatre Groups in the 21st Century

lecture / Seth Baumrin

Svetlana & Gilgameš

a lecture on Gilgamesh / Free entry.

Is culture losing space in the media?

a debate

Performance and stage composition

a workshop / Catarina Neves Ricci

The state theatre as a variety of perspectives

Presentation / P.U.L.S., Toneelhuis, Antwerp

Let's turn the Page

Presentation of Glej, paper nb. 2/2018 and discussion with contributors / free entrance

Forum: Ten years of Southern Scums

talk with authors of Southern Scums! at ten year anniversary of first showing