Open Call

You can send your ideas, artistic statements or imaginative concepts to You can do this anytime you want, anytime of the year, any year.

Glej believes in the process, allows mistakes in the final product and is always keen to try out new production approaches.

We perceive Glej to be an open space, a space of freedom and an open door into the world (of theatre).

We strive for transparent conduct, always. These are our current artistic guidelines.

Drop us a line.

Your suggestions will be discussed by the artistic council composed of: Jure Novak, Anja Pirnat, Barbara Poček and Inga Remeta.

The short description of your concept should also include the answers to the key questions:


A concrete description. Apart from the original work or title and contents you should also include: Genre (dance? oral? lecture? physical theatre?), References (what will it be similar to?) and Contents (original treatment, adaptation? improvisation? dramatisation?).


Why this text, why this genre, why in this manner? Why you, why in Glej, why today, here and now? Why on the off scene, why in Glej specifically, why under these conditions?


Methods, work plan, production/postproduction plan. The project‘s desires and ambitions.


Co-productions and hosting

We are always open to co-productions and hosting finished performances.  When deciding about the project we will primarily be led by the contents and quality of the project, but we are more likely to respond to proposals for long-term co-operation.