Great Little European Network

GLEN (Great Little European Network) connects the smallest countries of Europe through common networking and training programmes with the objective to contribute to designing more meaningful practices and more sustainable performing arts sectors in the concerned countries, interconnecting them and taking a prominent place on the international scene. The network aims to be an incubator for those who, while benefiting from a local anchorage, ambition to develop their practice internationally.

GLEN is no small idea, but one which aims to find new connection points between some of the smallest countries in Europe. From September 2023 to June 2024 GLEN will implement three areas of activities, networking activities, critical friendships (mentorships) and open webinars that address the specificities of producing and distributing in small countries and advising on how to develop internationally from there. 


GLEN was established in 2023 as an initiative of 8 organizations working in supporting the structuration and internationalization of their national performing arts field. The Founders of the network are: 


The participants in the Critical friendships (mentorship program) were selected in 2023. The critical friendship will include 8 months of mentoring from one of the partner countries (not their own), travel to the two networking activities and a small budget. 

The participants are: Katja Markič (Slovenia), Snæfriður Sól Gunnarsdóttir (Iceland), Zofia Stelmaszczyk (Malta) Reinis Boters (Latvia) Fabio Godinho (Luxembourg),  Siim Tõniste (Estonia), Greta Stiormer (Lithuanian), Sovran Nrecaj (Kosovo)

The first webinar will be held on Friday, October 13th, at 12pm Iceland, 1pm UK, 2pm CET.

The webinar, entitled “How to take over the world (or at least develop an international strategic plan)”, will be hosted by Victor Mayot (Luxembourg) and Bek Berger (Latvia) and will tackle the basics of creating an International Development Plan. Join us to get guidance through the mist of international development and bust myths about working over borders.

Sign up here before Thursday 12th October.

The second webinar will be held on Thursday, December 21th, at 14pm.

In this webinar titled "The Bigger Dream: Leadership and entrepreneurship strategies in performing arts", join Florent Mehmeti, Director of ODA Theatre in Pristina, and Friðrik Friðriksson, Director of Performing Arts Centre Iceland, as they explore concepts, experiences and essential tools and roles of leadership and entrepreneurship in the performing arts. Through real-life case studies from their respective countries, they will examine concepts behind establishing successful cultural entities and/or initiatives . Discover what fuels the drive of a creative leader and learn how innovative and creative thinking can influence effective leadership that can transform the performing arts landscape and engage the community.  The webinar is organised by GLEN - Great little European network, supported by Nordic Culture Point.

Sign up here before Wednesday 20th December.

There will be a series of six webinars tackling different aspects of international production and mobility hosted by the GLEN partners. Information on these events can be found on their websites and through social media.

The Project partners led by Kanuti Gildi SAAL have received network funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture to establish GLEN - Great Little European Network.