About the discussion

Our discussion will start from the premise that every public statement is already political. And so is theatre. We wish to address the potentials of this concept with our guests. 

How does contemporary theatre reflect the reality around us? Is it enough to merely represent political topics on the stage, or has the time come to fundamentally change the conditions of production and challenge the power relations within the creative processes? What kind of relations do we establish with our audiences? Is it enough to merely reflect the conditions of production, or should we actively engage with our reflection about the audience and embedd it in the mere creative process, thus emancipating its position? If we affirm the fact, that we produce, and they are watching and listening, is this getting us closer to our equality, and in the end of the day, to the community? What is our understanding of democracy in theatre, if we understand the performance as a business interaction: they paid to watch, and we are payed to work? Where are we searching for new perspectives and reflections in order to better understand our work? How are we chaning the world with theatre? 

Panelists will offer their insights into perspectives and limitations of political in theatre.

Moderator: Uroš Kaurin, Moment

Speakers: Katarina Stegnar, performer and actress, Mladinsko Theatre
               Lana Zdravković, performer, KITCH
               Žiga Divjak, theatre director
               Rok Kravanja, performer
               Tjaša Pureber, Glej Theatre

The physical discussion in Glej will be held in English and will be live-streamed as part of IETM Multi-location in Ljubljana. We will arrange simultaneous translation in Slovene.

We are co-organizing the event with Slovenian Theatre Institute as part of Glej, 50 years celebration.