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Glej, we will carry on.

Public  statement relating to the end of financing by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and beginning of a crowdfunding campaign.

The four year programme call for applications by the Slovene Ministry of Culture did not allocate any funds to Theatre Glej. This has seriously endangered the future operation of one of the rare Slovene contemporary theatres, that has been vital for young creatives over the past five decades. The future of our international projects is uncertain, even though they provide an excellent stepping stone for Slovene artists abroad and lead to numerous excellent projects at home as well as abroad. Theatre Glej, as  the oldest independent theatre in Slovenia, has continuously been a part of international; projects since 1970. The decision to withdraw  funds also places under question the future of three festivals, including one that is international. Not to mention the work of one hundred artists and expert co-workers. Or the groundbreaking and innovative original youth programme. Glej is also the motor behind two key elements that connect the professionalisation of the independent performance scene, for we also coordinate the international platform TRIGGER, which organises tours of Slovene performances abroad, as well as the programme for audience development within the Transferzala programme, which connects the independent stages in Ljubljana

We understand the withdrawal of funds within the context of the years of reducing spaces for developing professional non-government organisations, as the number of four year financed organisations in the field of performative arts has been reduced for several open calls in a row. Taking into account the quality and professionalism of work much more than eight organisations deserve to be financed. This fact is also recognised by the committee at the Ministry of Culture, which has given Theatre Glej sufficient points for the theatre to be financed, however there was insufficient funds to finance all of them.  We would like to congratulate our colleagues who  received financing for this period for their excellent work, as we believe they deserved to receive the funds. We are aware that we are not the only ones paying the price of the ever smaller space for non-government production, as financing has not been approved for numerous other excellent applicants. We are also fully aware that the toughest times are yet to come with the rebalance for this and next year, with which the budget for non-government organisations in culture will be further sliced in half. We found the non-allocation of funds even worse as we are currently in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, due to which we spent most of 2020 either closed or open in greatly diminished capacity. Regardless of the almost impossible conditions we have carried out the last two seasons as planned.

In Glej we have prepared the programme for the next four years and more. Our programme includes some of the highest awarded, most recognised and renown artists who place Glej on the international map, as well as numerous artists who are merely at the beginning of their careers. However, we believe in them, because Glej  always provided a space in which the now recognisable playwrights, theatre directors and actors started their careers. 

Our mission has always been risky, for we have always provided space for those who are yet to build their experience. Those who dare to work differently and who think outside the box. Until now this risk had always paid off. Numerous artists, who started on their first project in Glej, today play important parts in the theatre stories of the largest theatres, are a part of the Slovene theatre canon and reap awards at home as well as abroad. We feel that it is our duty to keep this space open for new similar stories yet to follow. This means we are taking a risk, but we believe this risk is necessary for the development of contemporary Slovene theatre. 

This year we have agreed to various cooperations with numerous public institutions, non-government organisations and festivals in Slovenia and abroad. We are planning our May premier in co-production with one of the most prestigious European festivals SPRING from Utrecht. We are arranging for numerous performances to be hosted throughout Europe. We are a part of European projects with the most prominent theatre institutions ranging from Scotland to Turkey (HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Kadir Has University Istanbul, Spring Festival Utrecht, Onda Paris, Nau Ivanow Barcelona, Residenza Idra Brescia, SÍN Arts Center Budapest, Likeminds Amsterdam, Marche teatro Ancona and others). Two members of out artistic council are on the managing boards of two largest global and European theatre networks - EAIPA and IETM. We know that we have am excellent programme that we can trust, believe in and which we have been developing for the long run. 

We could not have done this without the support of the Municipality of Ljubljana, which has recognised our quality and has been supporting our programme over the past decades. We are also supported by the European Commission, Center for Creativity, Ministry of Public Administration, Public Fund for Cultural Activities and sponsors. Thank you for showing continuous trust in us. However, the Ministry of Culture provided the most funds, thus an unsurmountable gap has appeared in our plans that we cannot overcome without your help. 

We have decided that we will, while drastically reducing work costs attempt to carry out the 2022 programme as well as possible. At this we are turning to our audience and supporters, hoping you will help us overcome the worst with a donator campaign. Together with out lawyers we are also currently looking into our possible legal options. We will not leave any legal path unexplored. If we fail to ensure stable financing by the end of the year, we will be forced to look into the possible options for the future (non)existence of Glej Theatre. We hope and believe that this dark scenario will not need to be visited.

At this point we would like to thank all artists who have created Glej's story over the past 52 years and helped us become a recognisable, awarded and referential theatre. Glej belongs to all of you. We would also like to thank all visitors who regularly attend our performances and have been with us in thick and thin. We hope we will not disappoint you in the coming year and that we will - together - prove we believe in excellent, socially critical and penetrating art. We are carrying on.  


Glej Theatre, Artistic Council

Inga Remeta, Barbara Poček, Anja Pirnat, Tjaša Pureber


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