youth devised performance / based on the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes


© David Orešič
© David Orešič
© David Orešič

About the performance

In terms of content, the play deals with colossal matter from the perspective of a modern, engaged and sensitive young person. What is modern chivalry? What are my windmills?
In the study process of creating the play, the actors wrote:
“Causes of disorders, mental problems and psychological distress can also be found in excessive exposure to harmful content. You know, such petty, trivial content that is full of lies and distorts the real image. Self-esteem suffers. They are 'fine'. And fun. (Psssst! - the authors play this card.) We all read them, spend hours and hours browsing through ... the computer? Wait, wait. Don Quixote leafed through the books. And his ‘harmful and petty’ role models were knights, personified honor and the struggle for justice and truth, personified protection of the weak and poor. Wait, wait. Kim Kardashian? Donald Trump? Photoshop? Wait, wait. Dear ones, where are we going?”


Tatjana Peršuh

Jana Bjelobrk
Lena Hebar
Petja Golec Horvat
Špela Kežmah
Lara Mavrič
Jure Senekovič
Stella Pogačić

Movement mentor
Dušan Teropšič
Lighting and set designer
David Orešič
Technical support
Luka Javšnik in Gaja Miholač
Borut Mori
Art director
Tatjana Peršuh
Producer and Director of Theatre school Prva gimnazija Maribor
Tjaša Klanjšček