A three day workshop

»Pause, flow or exit are limits that provide the frame for a composition to take place.«


13. November 2017 /Glej

About the Workshop

Katie Duck will lead theatrical workshop with the focus on composing text live on stage

For actors / performance artists/ singers / dancers / text artists / musicians/ MC-s/ standup comedians of all levels and practices

I guide performers through physical exercises that highlight how the eyes and ears affect movement choices using my research in developmental brain studies about “why we learn to walk”. I set up exercises for the text artists, musicians and vocalist during the physical work to challenge their ability to create “a band” instantly and to be aware of how space is shifting with bodies involved. Musicians and performers can choose to change roles in these exercises at any given time.
I extend the workshop towards improvisation sessions by setting a fictional front in the studio space and then declare this as a platform to choose pause, flow or exit. All three of these choices are intensive studies on their own. I spend time on the study of pause, flow and exit separately throughout the workshop in order to reinforce the debt of each of these areas and how it effects on the performer, composition and tension in the space. I highlight how the limit of these three choices can already provide the frame for a composition to take place, and that misunderstanding, coincidence, live time, interactivity, messiness, emotions, intuition, impulse and inspiration are basic in a creative process. These raw materials are integrated with the combined fact that everyone in the workshop group can make a choice. I will prepare for the sessions with the group adding one or more of these three studies;
sound - tension – body
music – text - body
music – object – figure
The improvisation sessions are given a delegated time frame with an option for the workshop group to shift, drop or lift the space at will. The responsibility to shift, drop and lift the performance space places each individual in a position to be to be fully awake or they will recognizably loose the thread of the creative activity in play. The practice of an individual development of presence is a critical process in the workshop be it in text, music, movement, figure object or vocals. I use games to set an example for building and dropping the tension in the theater and/or musical space by way of an individual presence with an emphasis on states of mind in performance such as vulnerability and expressionism.
Choice is introduced to the workshop group as a compositional reality but also as allows for individuals to elect to participate in the performative or as a viewer and yet remain involved in the process. The aim is to gather the workshop group to recognize that, in a creative composition process, time is passing at different perceived speeds and that space is shifting in several dimensions at once. This awake fullness promotes individual performance presence, compositional alertness and an appetite for creativity.

How to apply?

Workshop will happen between October 16 and 18 from 10 am to 1 pm in Glej Theatre.

It will be conducted in English.

Entry fee is 50 euros, you must apply here. Once you answer all the questions on the application, we will send you the bill.