devised performance / The Generation 2 Generation Festival

About the show

Teenagers' band on an urban IT ground. Their game: find a flaw … to crack a program.
In front of a large screen, scroll links to be pirated. Alternately, the teenagers will succeed in cracking each of them: from a military secret to the world of Disney, from a state secret to a war. Competition, conflict, shared euphoric comments and exciting drives, at the limit of a certain jubilation, reach the heart of the group. Exciting games of a virtual power facing a world on screen.


Text: Henry Bornstein
Artistic directors: Jean-Claude Gal and Thierry Robert
Video: Anne-Sophie Emard and Pierre Levchin
Performers: Zoé COUPAT, Pierre DRAIN, Pei DUPREY, Laura MALROUX, Margot NUGUES, Félix POUDENX, Naëlle VALLET and Alix WATEL

Produced by: Théâtre du Pélican