devised performance / REAKTOR collective


13. September 2024 / 20h / Gledališče Glej


The REAKTOR Collective is a group of young theatre makers who share a common interest in non-hierarchical theatre work, where the creators within the process of work fluidly fluidly transition between established roles. They create original performances in which they address social taboos. Their work breaks down the boundaries of comfort both within the creative process and on the themes they address, as they are primarily interested in the active involvement of art in society and the transformative potential of theatre. They explore themes of social inequality, discrimination, gendered violence and equality within the current socio- political system.

In the project SCREAM: MOTHER, which takes as its starting point the physiological study of the heredity of trauma, highlighting the social conventions attached to the idea of motherhood, confronting the question of the associative field of the archetype of the mother from everyday language to iconography, explore the relationship between between the mother and the (also already grown-up) child, and emphasise the bodily aspect of the decision for, against or not the decision for motherhood. They give the theatre the space to intervene in the relationship "mother", which all too often equated with identity.