dance solo / guest performance by Lada Petrovski Ternovšek

"Revealing insights into human nature that belong to the field of the invisible"


14. December 2022 /Gledališče Glej /





The dance solo Stories from Silence is an intimate dance portrait of people who are marginalized. The performance draws its choreographic vocabulary from the non-standard and non-stereotypical behavior of people who are in some way unusual and do not fit into the social norms.

The performance is composed of six stories, each scene is titled like a chapter of a book. This visual-dance book, together with the music by Sebastijan Duh and the video and lighting by Borut Bučinel, blurs the line between fantasy and reality. The body here is vulnerable and self-reflexive, torn between emotional and physical states.


Author, Choreographer, Performer: Lada Petrovski Ternovšek
Light Design, Video, Photography: Borut Bučinel
Music and Sound Design: Sebastijan Duh
Assistant Choreographer: Matea Bilosnić
Partners: Glej Theatre, Zadar Dance Ensemble
Special Thanks: Body.Mind Ljubljana, Cvetličarna Iris
Financial Support: Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana