student devised performance / Jera Dacar, Ana Hudobivnik, Vesna Markič, Tina Šajn


17. March 2023 /Hiša otrok in umetnosti



About the performance

Once upon a time there was a bell-ringer. If spring hadn't brought him a surprise, we would still hear his heavy footsteps before every full hour. An antelope is dying in the savannah. Why does the antelope always die? Is everything written in the stars?

In this object theatre play, the two stories are intertwined through the use of the camera.



Performing: Jera Dacar, Ana Hudobivnik, Vesna Markič, Tina Šajn
Mentor: Anže Virant
Coproduced: Hiša otrok in umetnosti


About StudenTheatre

StudenTheatre is a programme introduced by Theatre Glej and JSKD with the intent to encourage and develop theatre by students not enrolled in university theatre programmes.

The annual original performance is presented by the students at the StudenTheatre Festival, which this year takes place in Hiša otrok in umetnosti and JSKD Skladovnica.