based on Golding's Lord of the Flies / G2G

 »How to shape the world in which we would want to live?«


About the performance

Performance is based on the motives of the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The novel is focusing on children, who find themselves in a situation, requiring them to become adults. As they are trapped on an island, they must face challenges, such as primal instinct within a human being, absence of adult figure in their lives, exclusion and community building, division of roles, fear, violence, responsibility and need for shelter and home. They are put in an anti-utopian world that challenges the rules, reason and law.   


Performance in Golding’s anti-utopian world is looking for a way forward through six different alternative world and utopias that are based on needs and ideas of the performers. They have been addressing key questions on how to shape the world in which they would want to live through the creative process.



Devised performance, based on the motives of William Golding, Lord of the Flies

Performers: Anna Andolšek, Alemedin Kajtazović, Nina Žerdin, Tina Malenšek.

Mentors: Mateja Kokol in Larisa Javernik

Light design: Martin Lovšin

Technical support: Grega Mohorčič, Klemen Švikart

Executive producer: Inga Remeta

Produced by: Glej Theater


Supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture Slovenia