devised performance/Özlem Alkis in Maayan Danoch


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About the performance

we began walking THERE we have been is a performance for two performers and flashlights, which are operated by the two. It includes no other light source and from this perspective is literally a dark performance and includes moments of complete darkness.

The choreography is made of simple actions, focused on the interaction of light with body image/movement. As the performers simultaneously are operators and actors, so is the light. At times, its movement becomes the main player, so its perceived as an entity, a body. Other times, it illuminates another body or location.

we began walking THERE we have been is composed through a mirroring logic, meaning each action aims to reflect something of the previous one. The result is a detailed performance, in which each step, location and action are precisely measured and contributing to the overall visual, musical and sometimes magical experience.


Concept and choreography: Özlem Alkis and Maayan Danoch
Performance: Maayan Danoch, Ivan Mijačevič
Music: Ivan Mijacevic
Light and space assistance: Miha(sonda3)

Production: Özlem Alkis and Maayan Danoch
Coproduced by: tans.tausch Festival

Supported by: Kunststiftung NRW, ZAIK and tanz.tausch Festival

The performance takes place in the frame of X-YUGO TOUR that is supported by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.