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About the project

Boundary crossing means reaching across borders. In the pilot project the border crossing takes place between countries and theater practices, as well as the in thinking processes and working methods of each individual theatre maker. The underlying methodology of this pilot project is aimed at enabling the maker to develop their theatre making practice through negotiating multiple contexts. Participants learn to develop and evaluate work from multiple perspectives, work relationships, cultures and roles.

In the pilot project, participants from three countries will enter into international and interdisciplinary collaboration. They do this live at the rehearsal space as well as through an online collaboration. Participants in the pilot project are 3 young makers from Slovenia, 5 theater students from Kadir Has university, Istanbul and 5 graduates from HKU school of Theatre, Utrecht.

Each participant in the project takes 3 roles:

- Theatre maker in a group of 5 participants in their own country

- Co - participant (in a different role) in a country of their choice

- Feedback provider in the other country.

During the project,  work is developed collectively, but there is also room for the development of individual skills through the co-participatory roles.

The pilot project will run from April 13 to May 27 and will be coached by coaches and "flying experts" from  the professional and educational fields from all three countries.

During the pilot project, all three countries will be working on a related themes . The three works resulting from this pilot project may possibly form an ongoing dialogue with each other.

Participants from Slovenia

Theatre makers: Nika Batista, Nina Ramšak Marković and Barbara Ribnikar

Coaches: Branko Jordan and Anja Pirnat

Flying expert: Barbara Poček and Inga Remeta

Participants from Turkey

Theatre makers: Yaren Ozkoca, Gulsah Yigit, Kardelen Koc, Suzan İda von Schmalansee, Aybuke Ozturk

Coaches: Ozlem Hemis, Ozlem Ozhabes, Zeynep Gunsur, Bora Aksu

Participants from Netherlands

Theatre makers: Jorim Kroon, Rick Snelderwaard, Dagmar Ketelaers, Barend van Daal, Yorinde de Ronde

Coaches:Mariella van Apeldoorn, Marcel Dolman, Sanne Jonkers, Ronen Abas


Glej Theatre, Ljubljana - Glej Theatre is the oldest independent theatre in former Yugoslavia. Apart from experimental performing arts they are renowned for their work with the youth. Their programmers are reaching from specialized work with high-school students to promoting and developing emerging professional artists. More information.

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht - HKU is one of the largest universities in Europe, specialized for education in the fields of arts and media. It consists of nine schools, including the one for theatre. More information. 

Kadir Has University, Istanbul - Teaching in this university is based on small scale approach, internationalization and interdisciplinary work. University consists of five schools, including one for fine arts. More information.