Call for artworks for the TAM-TAM Street Gallery exhibition

Over the next 12 months, the Street Gallery curatorial team will present 12 young visual artists and graphic designers who, through the form of the public poster, open up fresh, provocative and in-depth reflections on how to (re)weave a resilient yet durable civil society, public spaces, street life and micro-communities.

To this end, we are launching a call entitled Community and resilience, inviting all interested parties to submit their new or existing unpublished work that can be directly or indirectly related to the theme of community and resilience. The works will be on display for a month between March 2023 and February 2024 at the TAM-TAM Street Gallery on Vegova street in Ljubljana, accompanied by a promotional event to mark the opening of the exhibition.

What we offer:

  • a month-long exhibition at the TAM-TAM Street Gallery on Vegova street,
  • a nominal fee and the cost of poster production,
  • organisation of a promotional side-event and promotion of the exhibition.

Your application should include:

  • a short biography of the applicant,
  • the status of the artist or artistic group (student, self-employed, etc.),
  • a brief summary of the artwork,
  • information on whether the work has already been published.

Applications will be accepted up to and including February 10th 2023 by email to


The proposed curatorial concept of the TAM-TAM Street Gallery for 2023 intertwines two red threads, which also underpin the central idea of the cultural quarter Soteska - community and resilience.

The dictionary establishes "odpornost/resilience" as "endurance, resilience and endurance". It refers to "the way an individual or system copes with and adapts to negative trials or stresses, especially illness, threats, natural disasters, loss of security, loss of position, and may even be strengthened after the ordeal is over". "Resilience" appears in several international documents, especially in relation to the announced post-Covid-19 recovery plan.

Jeff Schlegelmilch, Associate Director of the US National Center for Disaster Preparedness, has this to say on the subject: "Research on past disasters shows that the most important factor in survival is social cohesion and inter-community support. Talk to a neighbour, organise a street party, get to know the people you may need to survive the storm with."

The artists will be selected through an open call and direct selection by a curatorial team led by Bor Pungerčič. The results of the selection will be announced at the end of February 2023.


The TAM-TAM Street Gallery on Vegova street is one of the TAM-TAM Institute's galleries that provide a space for young up-and-coming artists to present themselves to the widest possible audience, and for passers-by to experience an unexpected artistic glimpse that enriches the public space. With over 200 artists' works displayed so far, the street galleries are a great example of how to breathe new life into poster boards in unexpected locations with a vision, and bring together artists from a wide range of artistic practices in the process.

The project Community and resilience _ TAM-TAM Street Gallery - Soteska 2023 is produced under the auspices of the Soteska Cultural Quarter, organised by the TAM-TAM Institute and Glej Theatre.