The Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities, Theatre Glej, Ljubljana, The Slovene National Theatre, Nova Gorica and GT22 Maribor would like to invite everybody interested in theatre, between 18 and 30 years of age, to join the StudenTheatre 3.0 project!

The idea behind the project is to create one or more student theatre groups. A mentor will be dedicated to each group, however, he will not operate as a theatre director, but as somebody who will help the group form their concept and help them through their study process. The goal of the project is for the groups to develop their own theatre poetics and present them in an original theatre performance.

If this is StudenTheatre 3.0 – was it preceded by StudenTheatre 1.0 and 2.0?

Of course, and the results were not half bad, even if we say so ourselves. Last year three of the StudenTheatre performances made it to the Vision Festival and they picked up two Visionaries including the Visionary for the Best Performance Overall.

Here is a sneak peek of the festival Glej, StudenTheatre:

Who can apply?

All young creative people, between 18 and 30 years of age, can join the project. You do not need to be a student. Individuals or already established groups can apply.

How will the work take place?

All applicants will gather at the weekend workshop that will take place on the 14th and 15th October in Ljubljana, where we will address the topics of original theatre, theatre directing and acting. At the same time we will also get to know each other and form the work groups on the basis of shared interests/time. We will try our best to arrange sleeping arrangements for anyone who does not have a warm place to go in Ljubljana.

A mentor (a professional theatre worker) will be appointed to each group. The mentor will help the group form their concept, and continue to help them through their study process and the formation of the performance. The members of each group will agree on their rehearsal times and create their own timetable. With the aid of the mentor each group will create a performance, which will be presented at the StudenTheatre festival in Ljubljana, Nova Gorica and Maribor in March and April 2017.

Where will the rehearsals take place?

The rehearsals will take place in the Theatre Glej and JSKD premises in Ljubljana, in the GT22 and JSKD premises in Maribor and in the SNG Nova Gorica and Točka ZKD premises in Nova Gorica.

What do we provide?

Theatre Glej, GT22, SNG Nova Gorica and JSKD will take care of the introductory workshops, provide the mentors, the spaces for rehearsals and performances, provide the necessary logistic support and the PR for the opening night as well as the basic budget for the performances.

What obligations do I have?

You have to be reliable and have a truthful desire for creativity. 

Every participant will have to pay a 50 EUR participation fee.

About the StudenTheatre

StudenTheatre is a programme introduced by Theatre Glej and JSKD with the intent to encourage and develop theatre by students not enrolled in university theatre programmes.

The annual original performance is presented by the students at the StudenTheatre Festival which takes place in Theatre Glej.

List of StudenTheatre performances.

Festival team and production

Artistic directors and project coordination: Matjaž Šmalc, Inga Remeta, Marko Bratuš (k.g.)

Festival technicians: Martin Lovšin, Grega Mohorčič, Klemen Švikart

Executive producer: Inga Remeta

Glej, Public Relations: Jure Novak
JSKD, Public Relations: Maja Čepin Čander

Photographer: Borut Bučinel

The festival is organised by: Glej Theatre and the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities (JSKD).