Crushing BordersFundación Mis Bragas in Ljubljana

Glej theatre is part of Crushing Borders international network. Its main concern is giving artists enough time and space for creation with no pressure towards production. It is a space dedicated to sharing knowledge and practices between emerging artists, creating strong bonds between them and the territories in which they work. Crushing borders partners are Gledališče Glej (Ljubljana), Nau Ivanow (Barcelona), Residenza Idra (Brescia), SÍN Arts Center (Budapest), Spring Utrecht (Utrecht) and Schloss Bröllin (Fahrenwalde). 

In 2021 Glej Theatre is supporting Mark Požlep through Crushing Borders network. In June he was hosted by Performing arts institute in Warsaw for a residential creative stay. In September 2021 we will host Fundación Mis Bragas collective in Ljubljana. Residency is made possible with cooperation of Nau Ivanov residential centre from Barcelona. More on their residency here. 

In 2022 Glej Thetare will support artists Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis with the development of their Hero Project

Important achievement of our youth squad

Short film, that was produced within our ID: Babylon international project, was selected for Aesthetica Short Film Festival, a BAFTA qualifying festival. 

Glej, we are open. Sort of. And unfortunately not for everyone.  

In coherence with governmental orders, only people who have certificates that they are either vaccinated, got over COVID-19 in the last six months or are tested negative on COVID-19, can enter cultural venues. This does not apply for people under 18, who come to the performance accompanied by their close family members or guardians. Each performance will offer as many seats as allowed by the current governmental orders. Glej Theatre follows all health recommendations to stop the spread of coronavirus and meets all necessary requirements for a safe visit to a theatre. So come!  

Glej, in English

We have performances either in English or subtitled in English on monthly basis. Follow our webpage and get your tickets at 

17. October 2021 / 20h /

I Disappear

Arne Lygre
Gledališče Glej /


20. October 2021 / 20h /

Letters from Prison

Antonio Gramsci / devised project
Anton Podbevšek Teater, Novo mesto /

uprizoritev v Novem mestu

25. October 2021 / 20h /

Letters from Prison

Antonio Gramsci / devised project
Anton Podbevšek Teater, Novo mesto /

uprizoritev v Novem mestu

26. October 2021 / 19:30 /


devised performance / Jaša Koceli
Kulturni dom Postojna /

gostujemo v Postojni

20. November 2021 / 20h /

How did we get here?

devised performance / Matej Recer and Gregor Zorc
Gledališče Glej