Time for a special announcement:

May 5th - May 8th 2023 / Glej Theatre, Ljubljana

With our very dear TRIGGER showcase going biennial (thus we are preparing for 2024 edition), Glej has decided to fill this gap year by hosting our partners at our very own showdown and offering a top-quality weekend getaway in Ljubljana.  

We are hereby announcing the full programme of our very first Glej, SHOW OFF: a four-day meeting place for international partners and friends from abroad to talk and think while staging Glej’s latest productions.

Join us in Ljubljana from Friday May 5th to Monday May 8th, and enjoy a selection of Glej’s performances in the company of producers, programmers and friends.

Find our full programme below and click on the performances for more information (the meeting place for all performances is Glej Theatre at Gregorčičeva 3, Ljubljana): 

Glej, SHOW OFF: Full programme

MAY 5TH // 20:00

SOUTHWIND / documentary performance / Maxime Berthou, Davis Freeman, Mark Požlep / in English with Slovene subtitles

A cinematographical essay in which Maxime Berthou and Mark Požlep take us along on the two-month journey along the Mississippi river they took in 2019. We witness the people they meet and the brutal nature of everyday life and the consequences of neoliberal extractivism in the towns along the mythical waterway.

MAY 6TH // 17:00 and 20:00

OPIUM CLIPPERS / object theatre and storytelling / Neja Tomšič / in English

A tea ceremony with original hand painted ceramics through which we are guided by the stories of the five Opium Clippers and history of the opium and tea trade in the 2nd half of the 18th and 19th centuries in China and its effects on the contemporary world.

MAY 7TH // 20:00

SOAP OPERA / devised performance / based on F. M. Dostoevsky's The Idiot / Marko Čeh / in Slovene with English subtitles

Enter the chaotic subconscious of Dostoevsky’s characters, through the visually enchanting soap wall technology (made by the interdisciplinary collective Stran22), turning the story into a mesmerising psychological study.

MAY 8TH // 20:00

DRACULA AND THE GIRL AND THE GLOOMY FOREST / an epic solo horror musical / Bence Mezei / in English with English subtitles

An energetic solo performance of an epic size, magnifying the ordinary, the everyday ups and downs, in which it was created. A poetic and at the same time ridiculous narrative about the romantic but often horrifying landscape stretching before the individual at work.

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