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»These days it seems that making "only" an excellent art is not enough.«


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Glej Theatre, in cooperation with the Center for Creativity, at the Museum of Architecture and Design, invites you to a practical workshop Career of an Artist – Home and Away. Workshop will happen within the TRIGGER platform. Mentor of the workshop is a renowned cultural manager Anikó Rácz from Budapest. 

About the workshop

The workshop of three modules will offer an opportunity for independent performing artists to think about their career on a longer term, beyond the specific projects. Whether we like it or not it doesn’t seem to be enough to ‘just’ make excellent art – working as an artist, developing projects necessitates much more, many different skills and roles outside the studio. The workshop aims at providing practical, useful knowledge in all this.

First you will get the opportunity to assess where you are now, what you have and what would be the next phase where you would like to bring your artistic work.

The second module will be all about our partners and collaborations. How do we work together? What are the beauties and hindrances of all these partnerships? Where do we need to watch out and how can these collaborations amplify what we have.

On the third day we will aim at demystifying the international processes and networking, we’ll look into our existing collaborations and see what may be next step and the steps onwards. We’ll also discuss the environment, tendencies in the international performing arts scene to better understand where the entry points are and how to get there.

We will be working together in a workshop format, using your examples as case studies. Although it will be a group work the aim is that each participant leaves with some very practical tools, tricks and next step to-do-lists to develop their own career.

About the mentor

Anikó Rácz is an arts manager, coach and business trainer based in Budapest, Hungary. Currently she takes the position of international relations and strategic development manager at SÍN Arts Centre, a production house for the support and development of independent contemporary dance artists. She is also responsible for the programming and producing of the Theatre and Dance venue of Sziget Festival being the second biggest large scale cultural festival in Europe. Between 2014 and 2020 she led three editions of dunaPart, the biannual Hungarian Platform for Performing Arts. Between 2019 and 2021 she worked as a Reshaper in the international research project Reshape. She has been the member of the IETM advisory committee since 2017.

She takes an active role in the strategic thinking of the dynamics and transitions of the arts field in Hungary and internationally. Her arts management activities are supported by her practice as a certified coach, business trainer and team facilitator. She is coaching various artists in their career development as well as arts collectives for organizational development, facilitation of better collaborations and production management. She regularly leads workshops on production management, collaboration and international relations in Hungary and abroad.

Her main focus of interest is the delicate and ever shaping relationship of the artist and producer/manager as well as the support of collaborative work of collectives for the development of sustainable artistic projects and collaborations. 

Practical information and application

Workshop is scheduled between November 15 and 17, 2021 in Slovenian Theatre Institute (Mestni trg 17) in Ljubljana (everyday between 1pm and 5 pm).  

You can apply on this link. Workshop is free. After the registration Anikó, who will be leading the workshop will send you a short questionnaire so that she can tailor the content to best fit your needs.

More information:

Workshop is organized in cooperation with the Slovenian Theatre Institute.

TRIGGER platform is a part of a partnership network Platform Center for Creativity co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia.

To attend the workshop you must be either vaccinated, tested or have overcame COVID-19.

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About TRIGGER platform

TRIGGER is a platform for contemporary performative arts. Glej Theatre is developing it with Centre for Creativity, Moment, Bunker Ljubljana, Pekinpah, Mladinsko Theatre and Maska (The New Post Office programme) and City of Women. The main purpose of the platform is to strengthen competences of independent producers and artists, especially in the field of internationalization and international connections. 

Platform combines a showcase of performances with potential for the international market, series of discussions, lectures and workshops with curators from international festivals, agents, and specialists for distribution and international cooperation. 

Purpose of the platform is therefore to gain specialized knowledge of developing strategies and methodology to distribute, network and internationalize contemporary performative arts.

Platform's objectives:

  • improving competitive options for Slovenian artists in the international market
  • improving the situation for Slovenian producers of independent performative arts
  • improving opportunities for distribution of independent performances on national and international level
  • creating a space for skill exchange on fields, that do not have formal or informal opportunities for education and development (professions in production, management and technical support)
  • creating and maintaining connections with important European festivals and producers
  • promoting Slovenian performers and performances
  • long-term influence on diversity of domestic production in relation to exchange of examples of good practice and experiences from abroad
  • greater stability of Slovenian producers

Participating producers: 
Centre for Creativity 

Strategic development:
Glej Theatre
Bunker Ljubljana
City of Women
Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Ljubljana (The New Post Office programme)

TRIGGER 2021 is a part of a partnership network Platform Center for Creativity. Platform Center for Creativity is co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia.

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TRIGGER platform is also supported by Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana.

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