We are announcing: Palmyra and Politics in the Room Workshop

Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas are the receivers of last year's Forced Entertainment Award and beloved by the festival audiences worldwide. Their artistic expression can be summed into "Political is personal and personal is political." War in Syria, global ecological catastrophe, migrations within the Fortress Europe. There is no conflict big enough not to be able to be transformed into a struggle between two performers. Bertrand and Nasi address divisions, love, frustration, hatred and reconciliation with humor. On the stage, we can see all the paradoxes of political crisis that we are living, as they ask us how we can overcome them. They are known as one of the most exciting performers of their generation in Europe, who are redefining what political theatre means. 

We are happy that we are bringing them to Ljubljana and Maribor within our TRIGGER international platform. TRIGGER is developed in partnership with Moment, Bunker, City of Women, Pekinpah, Mladinsko Theatre and Maska (The New Post Office programme) and in co-production with Centre for Creativity. They will play Palmyra in Glej on September 6, 2021. More information

They will conduct their workshop around performances PALMYRA & ONE Politics in the Room in Ljubljana as well. In this practical workshop based on their own practice, Bert and Nasi explore ideas around disagreement, frustration, hatred and reconciliation – particularly as these relate to contemporary society – using the stage as a space for artistic and political negotiation. How do we prioritise simplicity when talking about very complex matters? How do you inject feeling into facts? Workshop in Ljubljana will be in English on September 6, 2021 from 10AM to 2PM. Fee is 30 Euros. You can apply until August 25, 2021 on this link

TRIGGER 2021: We are announcing a programme, full of exciting performances that will TRIGGER your mind! 

Despite the uncertainty, surrounding the present and future of performing arts, we feel it is now more important than ever to continue searching for ways to find each other and collectively think about the future of internationalization of art that we love and believe in. 

We are excited to announce our TRIGGER 2021 programme. Annual Slovenian independent scene showcase platform TRIGGER will happen in Maribor and Ljubljana from May 29 to June 2, 2021. This edition of TRIGGER focuses on the future of internationalization in the midst of health, social and ecological crises. In times of searching for new forms of what it means to be together, we will offer several dozens of international programmers from throughout Europe a chance to get to know daring performances, inspiring performers, challenging workshops and intriguing conversations with artists and producers from Slovenia, for whom TRIGGER represents a starting point for international touring. We are excited to finally meet each other face to face.

Let’s get TRIGGERed by something good for a change! Check out our full programme here.

TRIGGER is a platform for internationalization of contemporary independent performing arts. We are organizing TRIGGER 2021 in partnership with Bunker, Moment, Pekinpah, City of Women, Mladinsko Theatre (Nova pošta programme), Zavod Maska and in co-production with Center for Creativity. 

TRIGGER 2021 is a part of a partnership network Platform Center for Creativity. Platform Center for Creativity is co-financed by European Union from European Regional Development Fund and by Republic of Slovenia. TRIGGER platform is also supported by the Ministry of Public Administration, Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana.

Glej, we are open. Sort of. And unfortunately not for everyone.  

In coherence with governmental orders, only people who have certificates that they are either vaccinated, got over COVID-19 in the last six months or are tested negative on COVID-19, can enter cultural venues. This does not apply for people under 18, who come to the performance accompanied by their close family members or guardians. Each performance will offer as many seats as allowed by the current governmental orders. Glej Theatre follows all health recommendations to stop the spread of coronavirus and meets all necessary requirements for a safe visit to a theatre. So come!  

Glej, Boundary Crossing

We have started pilot theatre project, connecting three European cities: Utrecht, Istanbul and Ljubljana. Through it Glej Theatre is entering into partnership with two renowned universities and emerging young artists on the field of performing arts. Due to epidemic most of its programme will happen online, and yet with it we are proving we can still think beyond our national borders when it comes to theatre. Regardless of the circumstances. More information.

Glej, in English

We have performances either in English or subtitled in English on monthly basis. Follow our webpage and get your tickets at rezervacije@glej.si. 

19. August 2021 / 17h /

The Opium Clippers

devised performance / Neja Tomšič
GT 22, Maribor /

gostovanje v sklopu Festivala Prestopi

19. August 2021 / 20h /

The Opium Clippers

devised performance / Neja Tomšič
GT22, Maribor /

gostovanje v sklopu Festivala Prestopi

06. September 2021 / 10h /

Politics in the Room

Gledališče Glej /

mentorja delavnice sta prejemnika Forced Entertainement Award 2020 Bertrand Lesca in Nasi Voutsas


06. September 2021 / 20h /


devised performance
Gledališče Glej /

gostujeta prejemnika Forced Entertainement Award 2020 Bertrand Lesca in Nasi Voutsas / Glej, in English