delavnica / Seth Baumrin

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22. april 2017 /Studio Fourklor, Parmova 25, Ljubljana

Delavnica bo potekala v angleškem jeziku.

Conducted in English.

Visible and Audible Energy in Performance: Crossed Circuits

leaping energy/still water

When: 22. & 23. 4. 2017 12-15h &17-20h; Ljubljana
Free participation: to participate please message SUBPOETICS Facebook page with your full name, email address, and say whether you wish to participate as an actor/dancer, musician, painter, or witness.

25 spaces available for performers
10 spaces available for musicians
10 spaces available for artists

Collaboration between Subpoetics International – New York/Paris; Gershom Theatre – L’viv; and Fluid Balance – Ljubljana/Zagreb.

The Crossed Circuits Workshop is a meeting between professional and non professional performers, dancers, actors, movers, musicians, and painters from different nations also open to witnesses seeking new experience.

Paricipants must be free for both days 22 & 23. 4. 2017.

Katjuša Kovačič & Nikola Orešković from Fluid Balance will begin by preparing our bodies with fluid balance training, which helps you become more aware of your body balance in any situation/position and lets you feel how it flows across the axis of the body. The aim is to explore the possibilities of transitions between dynamics and statics and explore vast spectres of expressing through your own unique movement.

Marko Svishinskyi of Gershom Theatre, L’viv will conduct vocal training. The goals are to open the voice of performers and also to find the harmony in the musical and vocal intonations of different cultures.

Seth Baumrin and Soraya Broukheim of Subpoetics International will continue with a series of games that require breaking theatrical rules and exercises that expose the roots of theatrical tradition. That’s how we build new techniques and pursue energy flows, actions, and reactions in expression and performance.

As a group, we will draw all the work together by introducing a mosaic of brief poetic texts in multiple languages (English, Farsi, Ukrainian, and French) supplied by Subpoetics/Gershom. Slovene texts can be supplied by participants.

The goal of the work is to create performance material with a group of autonomous actors. The key component is bodily (performative) impulses that occur in different situations, which follow intuition into improvisation. The work replaces habitual performance techniques and traditions to create previously unexplored technique and performance structures.

Subpoetics International is a nomadic theatre collective that creates new performances out of the raw materials of actor training. Members travel from various nations and gather where we can train, conduct workshops, and perform according to our own methods. Members are from Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Iran, Jamaica, Kurdish Teritories, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, and the USA.

Gershom Theatre is Subpoetics' sister group in L'viv, Ukraine is the frst theatre anthropology collective in the nation.

Fluid Balance is a program inspired by knowledge and expoloration of dance, capoeira, circus, acrobatics, and theatre, which fuses these physical/creative disciplines to develope a specific method and movement vocabulary which they share through artistic productions and educational programs.

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